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‘Building Better Relationships – using Nonviolent Communication’


From my own experience, and from what numerous participants have told me, a two-day workshop (the Foundation Training in NVC that is the entry point for many people) generates lots of enthusiasm and interest but for many people, something more is needed to make the learning take hold.

For that reason, I have designed a 3-part programme (plus an introductory webinar) that goes further and that:

  • covers the concepts and principles of Nonviolent Communication
  • provides guidance on making small changes over an extended period of time, so that you can experiment in real situations and discuss the results with me and other participants
  • gives you personal feedback to help you consolidate your learning.
  • provides you with a cost-effective way of getting individual attention.


A ‘Getting to know you’ interactive webinar (optional). Its purpose is for participants to:

  • introduce themselves to one another and to me
  • share their reasons for undertaking the programme
  •  voice any concerns they might have.

It also gives me the opportunity to:

  • explain how the programme works
  • how I invite participants to engage with it in order to get the most out of it
  •  give you a whistle-stop tour of the essential elements of NVC, to prepare you for the self-study modules.


These cover the key principles and distinctions that characterise NVC. They familiarise you with:

  • the intention of nonviolent communication
  • four elements that help to make our communication nonviolent
  • the way our thoughts shape what we feel and do
  • the process of self-empathy and how that helps us to regulate our emotions
  • ways of transforming blame and criticism of others into empathy for them.


When we meet face to face, you will practise:

  • the silent, internal processing that will enable you to manage your emotions and speak from the heart, even in highly conflictual and challenging situations
  • expressing yourself without blame or criticism of others
  • receiving other people’s strong feelings with empathy
  • dealing with anger – your own and other people’s
  • offering appreciation and gratitude in meaningful ways.

The scenarios we work with will mostly be based on situations that you and other participants bring so that everything is grounded in real life.


These interactive online webinars will help you consolidate and put into practice what you have learned in the first two parts.
Each one will run for 2hrs. They will cover topics including:

  • self-empathy
  • empathy towards others
  • anger
  • asking for what you want
  • gratitude and appreciation

There will also be room to explore your own particular challenges and to explore anything that arises in the course of the webinar.


Introductory webinar

Date: 07th October

Time: 09.30 – 11.00

Part 1: Self-study

Self-study written material will be available as soon as you have signed up for the programme. So you can begin exploring NVC immediately.

Part 2: Two-day workshop

Venue: Hindhead, Surrey.
Time: 10.00 – 17.00
Date: 28th – 29th October

Part 3: Webinars

Time: To be agreed

  • 09.30 – 11.30 (if taking place on a Saturday)
  • 19.00 – 21.00 if on a weekday evening
  •  at another time on a weekday by agreement

Medium: The interactive webinars will be conducted using Skype and will explore the applications of NVC. Details will be sent nearer the time.

Dates: We will jointly schedule dates so that everyone can attend two webinars. This might mean scheduling more than two dates so as to accommodate everyone.

Engagement:  I also invite you to submit to me reflections, questions, and reports of situations handled well or not as well as you would have liked. I will comment on what you have written, to draw out aspects of NVC.


In the introductory webinar, my role is to:

  • begin to establish a sense of community and shared sense of exploration
  • introduce the essence of Nonviolent Communication
  • answer your questions about the programme
  • arrange webinar dates and times.

In Part 1, I will be:

  • checking your responses to the conceptual exercises
  • reading and commenting on any stories you choose to share, from the perspective of NVC
  • guiding your attention to what to look out for.

In Part 2, I will be:

  • adopting the role of facilitator, coach and teacher
  • guiding you through interactive experiential exercises
  • weaving in new aspects of NVC as necessary.

In Part 3, I will be:

  • facilitating the webinars and including a mixture of teaching and coaching
  • inviting you to work through certain things ahead of each session
  • giving feedback on each submission that you complete and return to me for comment.


The programme spreads out over two months. This allows ample time to reflect, apply and experiment. However, it also allows time to go by without your taking any action. My invitation to you is to commit to:

  • frequent short periods of reflection on what you notice in others and in yourself that is relevant to the NVC process
  • making brief notes about what you have noticed.

You might also enjoy setting dates for Skype calls with a ‘buddy’ from the programme, to work through the exercises, review progress, discuss the concepts and celebrate successes. What gets submitted to me for comment could be a joint effort.

During the workshop and webinars, my request is that you show up prepared to:

  • engage with an open mind
  • be open hearted and willing to be vulnerable
  • contribute in ways that support your own and other people’s learning
  • laugh and cry, if that’s what’s alive in you.


I ask £290.00 for the programme.
If lack of funds would prevent you from joining, please contact me. I genuinely do not want anyone to be denied the possibility of participating.

Jo McHale
01252 792322

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