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Building Better Relationships

A three-part programme based on Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) offers a powerful way to bring clarity, strength and compassion into our relationships – with ourselves and with others.

‘Building Better Relationships’ is an effective way to explore the ethos and principles of NVC and to integrate them into your life.

The programme is comprised of three parts, to make the learning long lasting and easy to access.

Part 1: 10 short modules delivered online, to provide you with a solid grounding in the NVC process.

Part 2: A two-day workshop to bring the concepts to life.

Part 3: A series of webinars to consolidate and deepen the learning and provide ongoing support and engagement.

Special offer

I have heard from several participants that they have gained great benefit from repeating the whole or part of the programme.

So if you have already done a Foundation Training, or completed the Building Better Relationships programme, think about the value of deepening your understanding of NVC and becoming more fluent and comfortable with putting it into practice.

Join the group for the face to face workshop at a much reduced rate. Please contact me for details

Another option is to sign up for the webinar series. It’s an online practice group.


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